• Thomas Letzel meets Michael Krappmann
  • Thomas Letzel has a trivial problem: he has to detect negative signals in a spectrum without having a software tool for detection
  • Michael Krappmann and two students develop the first module of a new software
  • In the following five years several students develop new modules for analyzing mass spectrometric data attained by new experimental setups. The result is a small toolbox called Achroma.


  • The problem of Achroma is, that the toolbox can't be used freely for it was developed in Microsoft Visual C++ that is neither an open source nor easy to extend.
  • To reach the aim of this project, namely to develop a free and open source platform, that is extendable every time, the programmers have to switch to a new software solution: Java and Eclipse RCP.


  • first openMASPworkshop


  • openMASPgoes online